(TMI Focus, Vol. XXIV, No. 1 , Winter 2002)

Letters from Corcoran State Prison

by Darrell Williams

In January 2001 , Darlene Miller, TMI's of programs, received the following letter from Darrell Williams, an inmate at Corcoran Prison. Dr. Miller has quietly maintained a prison outreach program over the years, and Darrell wrote that “Hemi-Sync is working miracles for those incarcerated” at Corcoran. He gave permission to reprint his letter here.

I hope and pray that this letter finds you and the Monroe Institute family in the best of health and spirits during the holiday season. It is a privilege to be able to communicate with you on the progress we are making at Corcoran Prison with our spiritual study group. Firstly, I would like to report that the Hemi-Sync GATEWAY EXPERIENCE series, along with the H-PLUS systems, received an overwhelming response from the men. After proper orientation in the use of Hemi-Sync, they were very anxious to try it.

The program was developed as follows. Our first objective was to find an appropriate place to get together for discussions and direct use of Hemi-Sync. The chapel, which had plenty of rooms in which to listen to Hemi- Sync privately, was used for this purpose. We were able to connect two people at once to one CD unit with the use of double jacks. Not only that, but we were able to confine them in separate altar rooms. We created, in effect, a “CHEC-like” environment to take our journeys. So that die GATEWAY EXPERIENCE would be continuous and ongoing, we would assign Hemi-Sync to individuals to use in the privacy of their cells (a twelve-by-twelve-foot measurement) when our group was not in session.

The results were astounding. Two of the men who wanted to kick their smoking and alcohol habits were able to curb the urges and stop completely. Some were able to control negative emotions more effectively. One participant in our program was well known by some of the guards here, and they began wondering what was happening to this prisoner. They noticed a complete attitude change in him and wanted to know why. After I explained to them that he participated in our sound technology program, they became very interested and wanted to use Hemi-Sync themselves! Now some of the prison staff is purchasing Hemi-Sync for personal use.

The GATEWAY EXPERIENCE created a whole, complete experience for us. Many unexpected things began to happen to some of the men. Some noted heightened awareness of the mind/body/spirit connection. Because Hemi-Sync allows one to go deeper into levels of consciousness never explored before, it allowed us to explore many inner conflicts that were responsible for shaping our lives negatively. Sometimes the visualizations were very powerful. Many of these pictures were placed there in childhood by painful events, when our view of the

world was not mature. Some of the participants had images of being unlovable, feeling worthless, being guilty, failing at relationships, etc. Because our current life is a very good reflection of what's in our consciousness, the visualizations/feelings being stored internally can be seen most clearly with Hemi-Sync. The GATEWAY series has helped to gradually dissolve old conditionings and old pictures, along with their associated feelings and thoughts.

In our sessions, we concluded that our true power comes from the recognition and acceptance of our own imperfection and that of the world. For us it means that we no longer seal off and reject our own shadow material. On the contrary, we welcome it. As the Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu says: “Darkness within darkness. The gateway to all understanding.” Hemi-Sync along with our meditations allows us to look further and further into darkness, further and further into our sealed-off pain, because that is where the light is found. In the dimension of mind, visualizing through Hemi-Sync is a complementary process, which we use along with our “spirit walking” or “astral-projections.” Hemi-Sync has allowed me to personally intensify my concentration during my out-of-body journeys. More on this in the next report.

We would like to thank you for your compassion and generosity in helping us with our program. My friend, it is good to know that there are still a few people who care about us misfits, outcasts, deviants, miscreants, etc. I appreciate that you are there, as do the other men here.

We are ready to receive Waves and IV of the GATEWAY EXPERIENCE series and will keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers. I have much respect and admiration for you, your staff, and your commitment to helping us prisoners.

[Daryl sent the promised update in October.]

How are you? As always, it is a privilege to write to you. The men are doing great, exploring the possibilities of change. We had to wait several months before contacting you about our progress as Odyssey, Wave VII, gave us much discussion on self-discovery. Let me begin by saying that the GATEWAY EXPERIENCE has been a transforming, inspirational tool for prisoners to experience directly and immediately the goal of all transformation their own inner Self. We have found that there is a tremendous “knowing” that leaps into the mind when it is silent, when it has given up trying to understand, when all of its false imaginings and projections have been exposed. In arousing our innate wisdom, we can clarify our actions and ourselves. We can illuminate the very causes of conflict, doubt, and fear within us. Before becoming incarcerated, each of us, in his own way, was seeking liberation. We wanted to experience the rapture of life. For most, we have been taught to pursue this through “addition,” not “subtraction.” We thought we needed to add happiness, prosperity, love, and success. However much we added to ourselves through drugs, crime, and violence, still we were not whole.

As we focused on our experience with Odyssey, we were amazed to discover how many self-

limiting thoughts we had. Some of the men even cried during the session. Please note that this is not a manly thing to do in prison. I personally met my dead father in a glow of light. He embraced me and told me he was sorry, something I needed to be aware of. The journeys have been extraordinarily varied, and we are continuing our explorations with the tape systems. In fact, our group has grown quite large as a result of the men telling friends and associates on the yard. This is the only group in the prison that has participation from all races black, white, and Hispanic.